Wishing on Wishes


When we were little and on family car trips, my sister, brother, and I would always make wishes in tunnels.  It was a very elaborate process.  To make a wish in a tunnel (at least in my family), one had to cross their fingers on their right hand, hold their right arm up so that their crossed fingers touched the roof of the car,and hold their breath the entire duration of the tunnel with their eyes closed.  (Amateurs will squeeze their eyes shut – those of us who have made a wish or two know that the key is to close your eyes “lightly” so that you can notice the light change when you exit the tunnel.)

There was one tunnel that was the most frequented “wish” tunnel.  It was in the city that my grandparents lived in. We didn’t always drive through it when we visited, because it was on the other side of town…close to a hospital…a hospital with a really great children’s wing.  Once my sister got sick, the tunnel soon turned from the “wish” tunnel to the “dread” tunnel – and we started driving through it a lot more often.

My wishes changed, too.  I stopped wishing for puppies and toys and had but one, new wish.  One wish that I kept from the age of 11 til the age of 29.  I wished it on shooting stars, I wished it on birthday cakes, I wished it in every frickin’ tunnel – any opportunity for a wish and I took it.  One single wish in 18 years.  I never told a single soul.  Because you can’t.  If you tell someone, your wish won’t come true.  And, I was strictly adhering to all wish rules.

I never told a single soul.  I followed all wish rules.  So, why is she dead?

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