Welcome to Room 257

…although, if you’re here, it probably means that you and I share a common bond – we’ve lost someone close to us.  And, in having that bond, there’s another realization we both will come to (or rather you will in reading my posts), the way we deal with our loss is about as similar as a rainbow to dog poo.  It may be possible that we are not so different – that something I say may resonate with something you feel.  Or that at least there’s comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in dealing with the shittiest thing ever…”grief.”  What a dumb, stupid word.  GRIEF.  It’s a horrible word surrounded by horrible clichés.  I am honestly sorry, though.  I am sorry that you’re going through this.  I’m sorry that I’m going through this.  But, I’m mostly sorry for my sister and whoever you have lost, because they are the dead ones.